Social & Arts Events

Science in Art & Art in Science

Like most, Science is 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration. As fundamental experimentalists, we scientists drink inspiration from all forms of Art, but Science is also an artwork of thinking and it inspires Art in different ways.

Given this and following the footsteps of previous years we kindly request your inner artist to shine out on the XI CNC Annual Meeting. We invite all of you, from students to post-doc’s and PI’s, to participate and exhibit your works of inspiration in our ‘Science and Art’ exhibition and competition.

The exhibition will be divided in two sections: ‘The Art of Science’ exhibition where you can expose your most artistic and inspirational scientific works, and ‘The Science of Art’ exhibition where you can present art works of your authorship. Any form of work / art is accepted from photography to painting, drawing and sculpture.

Visit to UC Biotech

We have scheduled some time in our programme for two visits to the new CNC building at Biocant, named UC Biotech. This building will accommodate more research groups. Come discover it with us!

Dinner of the Annual Meeting

The meeting dinner will be held on December 19th, at the Marialva Park Hotel (Cantanhede). Registration for the dinner is required!